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Why do I need lighting at my event?
First you need ambient lighting indoors because the venue has non Dimmable florescent lighting and that's too bright to set a mood. Or the venue has dimmable lighting but just white. Using our colored uplights set's a mood and makes a room elegant and inviting and not so harsh too the eye. For outdoor events, you might have outdoor flood lights which can also be to bright if not pointed down, or just plain non mood setting white light or no lighting at all. We recommend Bistro Lighting or Led down Lighting which both are hung high above your head and give off a soft glow. Also you can use our Led Up lighting to wash the exterior of a structure which will help produce some ambient lighting as well but not as much as Led Down lighting (Led lights attached to a light stand pointing down) or Bistro Lighting will.

How much time does it take for us to set up?
It usually takes us about 3-4 Hours to set up min. And then we stay at event right up until doors open to watch for last minute things that can happen like Bars getting rolled in from cocktail hour and hotel staff moves our up light incorrectly so you cannot see it projecting on a wall. If you choose our Led lights hooked to computer or intelligent lights options, then we stay during your entire event. Load out time is usually between 1-2 hour min. We work with venue directly and abide by all of their rules with load in/load out times so you will never have any unexpected charges from us.

What forms of payment do we except?

We only take local checks and or Paypal for an extra service fee.
We ask for either a 50% deposit if event is less than 3 months away with balance due in full within two weeks of event date. If event is more than 3 months away, we can do a 1/3 deposit within two weeks of confirming event and another 1/3 deposit halfway between event date and initial deposit date. All of this will be explained to you in writing when you receive your proposal.

When do we need to let you know our decision?
We prefer to get an answer least 7 business days from once an initial proposal is emailed to you and we expect a deposit shortly there after. How ever we understand if your event is more than 6 months away we will give you at least 30 days. So it is very important that you book and put a deposit down on your venue before calling us or any other vendors as well for your event.

Do we carry insurance?
Yes - we carry liability Insurance that protects you and the venue as well. You should ask this question to any vendors you are thinking about using. It shows you their integrity.

If it rains and event gets moved inside, what are our options?

We usually are able to bring most of our lighting fixtures inside and light up walls, rather than light up a tree for instance outside.

Is there a charge to do a sight survey?
For Dade or Broward county, there is no charge. Outside of those two counties, charges start at $35.00. Having said all of that, we usually can give you a proposal from photos and questions we ask of you or your contact at venue.
RAYS OF LIGHT: 954.579.9268 | Glensraysoflight@Gmail.com